Small Admissions

Small Admissions: a Novel

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Small Admissions: A Novel

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One admission can change your life...forever.

When ambitious grad student Kate Pearson’s handsome French “almost fiancé” ditches her, she definitely does not roll with the punches, despite the best efforts of family and friends. It seems that nothing will get Kate out of pajamas and back into the world.

Miraculously, one cringe-worthy job interview leads to a position in the admissions department at the revered Hudson Day School. Kate’s instantly thrown into a highly competitive and occasionally absurd culture, where she interviews all types of children: suitable, wildly unsuitable, charming, loathsome, ingratiating, or spoiled beyond all measure. And then there are the Park Avenue parents who refuse to take no for an answer.

As Kate begins to learn there’s no room for self-pity or nonsense during the height of admissions season or life itself, her sister and friends find themselves keeping secrets, dropping bombshells, and arguing with each other about how to keep Kate on her feet. Meanwhile, Kate seems to be doing very nicely, thank you, and is even beginning to find out that her broken heart is very much on the mend. Welcome to the world of Small Admissions.

Praise for Small Admissions:

“Trenchant, funny, and observant … as a prose artist, Ms. Poeppel leaves nothing to be desired, except that she write more and more.”
—Hilton Als, staff writer for The New Yorker and author of White Girls and The Women
“Amy Poeppel’s writing is the perfect mixture of hilarious and smart. … She absolutely nails the world of admissions in a funny, insightful, and fabulous insider’s look at this fascinating microcosm of human nature. What a delicious read.’’
—Lolly Winston, author of Good Grief and Happiness Sold Separately
Small Admissions is quick-witted and razor-sharp. With a chorus of varied and absurd voices, you’ll laugh at everyone involved while secretly fearing that you see yourself in the mix. Amy Poeppel manages to tell a story both poignant and hilarious, hinting that this wry and absorbing debut is the beginning of an exciting career.”
—Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of Maybe in Another Life, After I Do, and Forever, Interrupted
“Amy Poeppel brings us directly into the eye of the behemoth storm that is the New York City private school admissions process. As if the urgency and all-around mania of the applicant rat race weren’t wild enough, Ms. Poeppel’s full and funny characters virtually explode off of the page. You are in for a real treat.”
—Zuzanna Szadkowski, actress, Gossip Girl, The KnickThe Sopranos, and Girls
Small Admissions is a hilarious romp through absurdities of Manhattan prep school life. Its characters are larger than life, its point of view delightfully farcical. You’ll read it in a snap and then wish for more.”
—Jennifer Miller, author of The Year of the Gadfly

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Here's the book trailer for Small Admissions, giving an inside glimpse into New York City parents.